Drift @ Breakpoint 2021

A recap of the Drift Team in Breakpoint!

It was an incredibly energetic week meeting with our ecosystem partners, community members and investors roaming around in Lisbon. Massive shoutout to the Solana Conference team who put on a flawless conference week!

The Conference

The conference itself was held across the 7th to 10th of November; across three venues which the team manage to cover over the three days.

We did a product demo at Estufa Fria and moderated and participated in multiple panels.

We primarily divided our time between SUD and Lx Factory; letting the development and research team jam at the former, while the rest of squad spent their time at Lx.

Day 1

Chris on “The Solana User Experience” @ SUD Lisbon

“As a smart contractor, I can go in and document and guide the wallet experience — which then in turn guides the user experience who typically have no idea about signing transactions .

Wallet developers can’t tightly integrate with every protocol and so we need to come up wth a way to create more unified experiences that you get on Web 2.

Day 2

Cindy & Zane on Drift’s User Demo @ Estufa Fria

Cindy & Zane gave a live-demo of the trading experience on the Drift platform where they walked through the user’s journey to making a trade. The demo was fun and lively, ending with some live technical analysis. Luckily, no one was liquidated during the demo.

Day 3

Cindy on “Beyond Spot Markets” @ Lx Factor

Cindy spoke on “Beyond Spot Markets” alongside Daffy (Mango), Kento (UXD) & Tommy (PsyOptions). The panel covered the adoption of derivatives on Solana, with discussions on how the derivatives market would evolve on Solana, composability of derivatives, structured products and the challenges around building a decentralised derivatives versus centralised counterparts.

David moderating “Future of Liquidity and Market Making” @ Lx Factory

David moderated the “Future of Liquidity and Market Making” with Jakob (GSR), Simon (QCP), Joe (CMS) and Yuriy (Anchorage). Topics discussed included the role of the AMM in DeFi growth and the introduction of novel on-chain products.

The Events

Drift hosted two events during Breakpoint: our launch party and a joint event we co-hosted with our friends at Magic Eden.

Drift Launch Party

We hosted a sunset drinks event on the second afternoon of the conference to celebrate the launch of our main net. We opted for an ambient, open-air venue for attendees to get a moment’s respite from the action of the conference.

Drift’s Sunset Launch Party
The Driftoooooors!
Drift team with the Multicoin team and the Not3Lau team

Magic Eden x Drift Happy Hour

We also co-hosted a Happy Hour & Panel with Magic Eden, ft. Harpist Rebeca Csalog. It’s one of those things that one can seldom lay claim to — that is, having a live harpist play at your event!

Shoutout to the Magic Eden team for being the best hosts and in particular, Theophana for working her event magic.

Magic Eden x Drift Happy Hour
Enjoying some afternoon rays by the water!

Everything Else

There is so much that we want to capture in this blog post but won’t be able to without doing injustice to the week!

Below are a few of our favourite shots:

Multicoin Team + Driftoors at our respective events!
Dom, Zhuoxun, Mable and David @ the Multicoin’s Multiverse Party
Tamar & Drift Gang @ Drift Launch Party (missing Zane)
The man, the myth, the Anatoly @ Breakpoint Final Party


Lisbon was a stunning destination and the conference was a wild ride. We took the time to catch up on the city and spent post-conference period recharging.

Taking the “devs” for a walk …
… and going for a nice meal occasionally @ Eleven
Cabo da Roca — a fitting way to end Lisbon!

It was a wild ride across the two weeks the team spent in Lisbon. We were stoked to meet many our community members, friends and partners of Drift in person after an extended period of virtual communication.

The conference was nothing short of inspirational and we can’t wait for the next one to come around.

But for now, back to building.



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