Drift Protocol — Alpha Mainnet Trading Stats & Open Launch

  • launched a bug and liquidator bounty;
  • launched multiple new markets (BTC and ETH); and
  • gradually raised alpha deposit caps from $1k per wallet to $100k per wallet.

NFT-Gated Alpha Launch Overview

The reason that Drift did an NFT-gated launch was so that we could tranche the initial protocol growth over time, while keeping the system in a closed, controlled arena to ensure security of funds.

Alpha Key Statistics

Here are some statistics around the first month of live trading!

  • Average daily volume: $3.33M
  • Total liquidations: 230 partial liquidations and 2 full liquidations
  • Number of tickets sent out: 2,200
  • Total traders who connected, deposited and made a trade: 1,000 (~45% of tickets sent)

Alpha Platform Growth

Throughout the month, the number of active traders has steadily grown.

Wen Open Mainnet?

We’ve seen unprecedented demand to trade on our platform, and we are keen to finally let users trade without needing to hold the Drift Alpha Ticket. If you’re a Drift Alpha Ticket holder — fear not, the utility of the tickets won’t just expire here.

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