Drift Protocol — March 2022 Month-in-Review

A review of Drift Protocol for the month of March

Drift Protocol
3 min readApr 12, 2022

Hello fellow Drifters and welcome back to another monthly recap for Drift Protocol. To stay up to date with us in real-time, join us on Discord and Twitter.

March Highlights

Despite the prolonged crab market that was the majority of March, Drift Protocol saw an impressive increase in cumulative volume and monthly volume traded. Here’s some quick stats:


  • Cumulative Volume Traded: $5b in February → $7.24b in March; a 44.8% increase.
  • Monthly Volume Traded: $1.68b in February → $2.24b in March; a 33.3% increase.

Additionally — with a huge shout out to our new Head of Community, HentaiAvenger, our social metrics in March also saw an increase:

  • Twitter: 24K in February → 30K in March; a 25% increase.
  • Discord: 11,127 in February → 11,704 members in March; a 5.2% increase.

Products Shipped

March was also another big month for products shipped! In particular, we added:

  • 10x Leverage: Drift launched 10x leverage for all markets in March.
  • UI Revamp and Custom Layouts: Drift re-imagined and re-designed its UI with a silky-smooth interface! This re-design was the product of multiple rounds of valuable community feedback and culminated in our final UI with customisable layouts. If you have any product feedback — be sure to send them through via our Discord!
  • Switchboard Oracle Integration: We integrated Switchboard’s oracle to Drift! With this integration, we greatly expanded the options and speed at which we can release new markets.
  • Shareable PNL Stickers: We also released shareable PNL stickers for when you want to flex a position! Led by our new Front-End Engineer, these stickers can be downloaded for any open position and shared on the social media platform of your choice.
Queen Cindy’s PnL
  • New Markets: We listed $XRP, $DOGE and $APE in March. Many more to come in April.


Huge shoutouts to our amazing team and community members that have helped make this month possible. In particular, big thanks to:

What to look forward to in April?

  • Even Higher Leverage: 20x leverage is coming for particular markets in April… stay tuned.
  • Mobile UI Launch: Our mobile UI can be accessed via the Phantom app already!
  • Trade History: We’re working on a new feature that will allow you to download a full history of all your trades on Drift.
  • Sub Accounts: You will soon be able to create multiple sub accounts under the one wallet address, eliminating the need for multiple wallets if you’re looking to have open five or more positions at a time.
  • Post-Only Orders: Be a maker on our platform today! Maker orders are available now on app.drift.trade.
  • New Markets: Lots of new markets to be listed in April — send through any suggestions to our Discord and Twitter!

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