Drift Protocol — September 2021 Monthly Update

Welcome to the #2 Drift Protocol monthly update where we unpack everything behind the scenes with our roadmap and the team.

Launch & Product Updates

Drift Protocol is live on devnet!


We’re hiring a full stack engineer alongside a trading systems and infrastructure engineer to optimise infrastructure for our arbitrage and liquidator bots.


We continued to scale out our community engagement both online and in person as crypto conferences began to resurface in September.

One of our co-founders Cindy Leow speaking on the Future of Solana panel at Mainnet
Again, Cindy was in the hot-seat here … pun intended!


We supported many Solana NFT launches and partnerships as part of our community engagement across September. There were two launches we actively got behind and many others we supported.

+ 1 Crisp for the heavy lifting on engineering here!
Inaugural launch for Cyber Samurai went out without any major hitches!
Drift x Stratos x Soliders

Play Pass September Update

We are also at the early stages of creating our own community centred NFT that will grant access to a trading competition. We have been reaching out to artists in the solana ecosystem and also creating pieces tailored to particular NFT communities.

Thugs x Samurai x Ecosystem

Wen Mainnet?

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ll be launching on alpha mainnet in mid-October!

  • (2) open phase.

Get In Touch

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