Drift Protocol X The Solana Foundation — Bounty Program

It’s open season — anon, are you ready?


Drift Protocol and Solana Foundation are officially partnering up to announce the launch of Drift’s Bounty Program! There’s USD$100,000 in bounties to be earned — so, strap in and get ready for some bounty huntin’.


We are extremely honoured and proud to announce our partnership with the Solana Foundation in connection with this Bounty Program.

But ser — what if I’ve already completed a listed bounty prior to the launch of the Bounty Program??

Fear not loyal Drifter — if this is you, reach out to Drift via Twitter or Discord and we’ll retroactively reward you for your submission.


The Bounty Program is run subject to the the following Bounty Program Terms and Conditions and Bounty Program Rules.

Time frame

The bounties selected as part of the Bounty Program will be run along a one month time frame, with extensions granted on a discretionary basis.

Bounty Selection Process

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone that took the time to make a submission via our Canny link. A lot of great ideas came through, and even if they weren’t selected for the Bounty Program, we have made note of them for future reference on features and products we’d like to see on Drift.

Competition Framework


The bounties selected for the Bounty Program are sorted into the following four categories:

  1. Community Building;
  2. Content; and
  3. Miscellaneous.
  1. timing of submission; and
  2. quality of the submission.


Without further ado, here is the list of all available bounties. The list can also be accessed as this link.


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