Introducing: The Drift Racers Program

Apply now for $1,000 USDC for you to degen leverage however you like.

Drift Protocol
4 min readFeb 14, 2022

What are Drift Racers, and… why?

Drift needs your help.

We want you to help grow Drift into the number one decentralised perpetuals protocol across all chains. We want to build out the best trading experience for all of you max degens out there.

To do this, we’re founding our first exclusive alpha-testing and trading group comprised of Drifters, called: the “Drift Racers”.

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • you get: $1,000 USDC credited to a new wallet to Drift with; and
  • we get: valuable feedback on our trading platform.

What are the benefits of becoming a Racer?

As a Drift Racer, you will:

  • get exclusive access to all the newest products we ship as soon as we ship it;
  • get $1,000 USDC to trade with no downside if you lose the funds and no need to repay the funds back;
  • be added to an exclusive Discord group with other Racers to share alpha and Drift feedback;
  • have prioritised access to potential future trading grants or competitions;
  • receive publicity around being a Drift Racer and flex how alpha your trades are; and
  • keep all profits you make above the initial $1,000 USDC.

What do you need to do as a Drift Racer?

As Drift Racer, you’ll be expected to:

  1. publicise EACH trade you place on social media; and
  2. submit regular feedback about Drift’s platform on our exclusive Drift Racers Discord channel.

Pretty simple right? Find out how to apply below.

How to apply

We’ll be selecting 10 Drift Racers via our AirTable short form —

More details on the application process are in the link above.

To be clear — applicants will be assessed on the click-to-tweet template that is provided in the AirTable short form. Clicking on it will re-route you to this template tweet.

You are then required to:

  1. complete the template with your response;
  2. publish the tweet; and
  3. submit the link to your tweet via the AirTable form.

Unmodified, unoriginal, unpublished and deleted tweets will not be considered. Be as creative, funny and as degen as you can be!

For example:

example of funny tweet

Additional consideration will be given to our OG Discord members — so, be sure to note in the application if you have a Retro, Super Drifter or Developer role on our Discord!


Comprehensive rules will be enclosed within the Grant Agreement that each selected trader will be required to enter into with Drift.

For now, here’s a general FAQ:

Q: How long does the Program last?

A: The exact end date is TBC. However, this program is intended to last three months. Options to renew and top-up at the end of the three months are being considered.

Q: Will I have to return $1000 USDC at the conclusion of the Program?

A: No, you will not need to return the $1000 USDC at the conclusion of this Program. Any amount left over at the end is free for you to keep.

Q: Can I make a withdrawal whenever I want?

A: No — while the competition is being run, you can only make withdrawals from your wallet balance down to the initial grant of $1000 USDC. No withdrawals can be initiated if your wallet balance is lower than $1000 USDC.

i.e — if your wallet balance is $1400 USDC, you can withdraw $400 USDC. If your wallet balance is $800 USDC, you cannot make any withdrawals.

Q: Where and how long am I expected to publicise my trades?

A: You will be expected to post the trades you place on the social media platform of your choice. That can be Twitter, a Telegram group, Discord, YouTube or TikTok. We will try to diversify our selection of Drift Racers so that we can cover all platforms. You will be expected to publicise your trades up until the end of the Program.

Q: Will I have to post my personal trades as well?

A: No, only trades placed with the grant money will need to be publicised.

Q: What happens if I lose all the money?

A: Nothing. As advertised, we’ll cop all of your losses.

Q: How many trades do I have to place to be eligible?

A: You must turn over $10,000 USDC in trade volume before you will be eligible to keep the remainder of your wallet balance at the conclusion of the Program. This is inclusive of leverage and is to ensure that Drift Racers do not sit on the grant money until the end of the Program.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any questions?

A: Please feel free to contact Damo (@ChaChangNFT) with any questions.

Q: What happens if I withdraw the grant and rug Drift?

A: You will be breaking the Grant Agreement and we will have no choice but to release the full wrath of CindyDAO on you.



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