Welcome to the #2 Drift Protocol monthly update where we unpack everything behind the scenes with our roadmap and the team.

September was laser focused on shipping out our devnet perps platform. …

Over the last month, Drift launched devnet in preparation for our mainnet alpha. The Drift devnet was widely successful, receiving extensive amounts of engagement and feedback from our community with 4k+ unique traders, 350k+ trades placed and over $1.6B traded.

Try it out here!

Discord Devnet and Public Launch

Drift Protocol invited its first testers…

Welcome to our inaugural monthly update!

Each month, we will be writing an update letter to keep the community up to date with what the team has been up to. Think of it as a snapshot into the day-to-day of the Drift team! 👾

August has been a jam-packed month…

Drift Labs is excited to announce a new brand that represents the team’s long-term vision of a decentralized derivatives protocol. Drift brings on-chain, cross-margined perpetual futures to Solana. Making futures DEXs the best way to trade.

The history of derivative markets spans thousands of years of human history. The first…

Drift Protocol

A scalable, decentralised, capital-efficient derivatives exchange built on Solana.

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